In the interest of our clients, we endeavor at all times not to create a stir or arouse attention. We are nonetheless pleased that colleagues and professional market observers recognize our work:

JUVE 2013/2014

"A leading law firm in white collar criminal law which continues to always be involved when it comes to any major cases."
"Vast expertise and experience with trials."

Best Lawyers

Again in 2014 the US publisher "Best Lawyers" published a list of the most recognized corporate lawyers of Germany exclusively via the Handelsblatt. Dr. Sven Thomas, Dr. Anne Wehnert, Dr. Simone Kämpfer and Dr. Marcus Mosiek, four partners of the law firm, were recognized in the field of white collar criminal law/defense. The ranking of "Best Lawyers" is based on recommendations of market participants.

Rheinische Post dated June 28, 2014 ("Lawyers who are not judges' favorites") 

"In contrast to other lawyers who literally seek the limelight, this firm maintains confident silence - quite the contrary to their performance in the courtroom. They don't need to namedrop to draw attention - this has long been brought about by spectacular case proceedings currently pending or which have been conducted in the past."