Our firm has been practicing exclusively in the field of criminal law since 1989. The central focus of our practice is white collar criminal law and tax criminal law. Professional market observers deem our specialized advice and services to rank us as one of the top national law firms in this field.

Our nation-wide work as defense counsels, company lawyers, witness counsels and advisers includes all stages of criminal proceedings. Insofar as possible, we intervene as early as feasible. Our objective is always to avoid publicity and to protect our clients' reputation. We are fully aware of the dramatic effects of criminal law investigations. This is also the reason for us to attach great importance to providing preventive advice in order to avoid criminal law risks (Compliance). We appear as witness counsels in public authority and court examinations as well as before parliamentary investigation committees and in examinations undertaken by employers (internal investigations).

Our clients are individuals from the worlds of business and politics, private persons, banks as well as national and international companies.

Our lawyers are all highly specialized. A number of them have a wealth of know-how resulting from decades of accumulated experience. Others have gained particular knowledge abroad or through previous work for public prosecutors' offices, banks or international corporate law firms. Together, we offer our clients extraordinary expertise in white collar and tax criminal law. The size and structure of our firm allows us to act quickly and efficiently also in crisis situations such as searches, pre-trial detention or seizure of assets. Our excellent network makes it possible for us to put together a team of specialized lawyers or other specialists (tax advisors, experts, PR consultants, etc.) as needed.